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Attorney General's Staff

Attorney General's Staff

Both the Undergraduate Honor Court and the Graduate and Professional Honor Courts are supported by their respective Attorney General and their staff.  In either branch, the Attorney General Staff is comprised of the Attorney General, the Attorney General's Cabinet, Case Managers, and Counsels. Below is a brief description of each group's responsibilities.

Attorney General and Cabinet

As outlined in the Instrument, the Attorney General is responsible for the following:

  • Recruiting, appointing, training, certifying, and overseeing the members of the Undergraduate Student Attorney General's Staff
  • Managing day-to-day Honor System administrative tasks
  • Reviewing and investigating alleged violations of the Honor Code
  • Formulating and bringing charges against accused students as well as advising accused students concerning their rights
  • Responding to appeals of Honor Court adjudication
  • Contributing to cooperative efforts to strengthen the campus Honor System

The Attorney General also meets on a regular basis with their Cabinet and staff members to discuss current issues facing the Honor System and to ensure that case managers are fully prepared to handle each case appropriately. 

Case Managers

Case Managers are appointed by the respective Attorney General and serve as a neutral party responsible for overseeing the progress of individual cases. Case Managers conduct preliminary conferences with accused students, providing them with information about the system and helping them to decide on a plea and hearing type. They work with involved parties to schedule the student's hearing or resolution. Once the case is scheduled, the Case Manager assigns both investigation and defense counsels and serves as a neutral source of information for all parties involved. Case Managers also meet regularly with the respective Attorney General and complete projects to improve the functionality of the Attorney General's Staff.


Counsels work as advocates in the Honor System. They help to prepare the case and represent the reporting party or the accused student(s) in Honor Court proceedings. The Investigative Counsel is responsible for presenting a case to the Honor Court that supports the charge made by the respective Student Attorney General. The Defense Counsel assists the accused student in presenting their case. Both Counsels provide complete explanations of the Honor System and the rights of the student(s) and the reporting party as well as assist their respective parties in the preparation and presentation of their case before the Honor Court. Counsel membership includes a diverse group of students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Counsels also meet regularly with the respective Attorney General and Cabinet, Managing Associates, Honor Court, and Outreach Coordinator to ensure cooperation within the Honor System and to develop ways to promote the Honor Code throughout the campus community.

New Counsels are selected by the Cabinet after candidates submit an application and undergo an interview process. Attorney General Staff members may retain their position until graduation, subject to reviews of performance and involvement.

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