Student Affairs - Fostering Student Learning and Success

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Since 1875, students at the University of North Carolina have had a tradition of self-governance in matters of student discipline. Our students have pledged themselves not to lie, cheat, or steal. This commitment to academic integrity, ethical behavior, personal responsibility and civil discourse exemplifies the “Carolina Way” and serve as the foundation for our student-led Honor System.

The Office of Student Conduct supports the fostering and development of students at the University by promoting honor, integrity, and ethical decision making. This philosophy supports the student-led Honor System’s promotion of the Carolina Way by education the campus on community expectations and responsibilities. When the need arises, the student-led Honor System adjudicates allegations of violations to community standards. This site is designed to help promote Honor at Carolina. The Honor Code can be found as part of the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance (Instrument). The Instrument outlines the prohibited conduct, policies and procedures for adjudicating allegations of student misconduct.