Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct works to support the development of Carolina students into ethical, responsible future leaders and citizens, encouraging students to make conduct choices that are supportive of students' thriving while at Carolina and beyond. The Office advises the Undergraduate and Graduate & Professional School branches of the student-led Honor System, adjudicates certain student violations of the University Alcohol Policy, and works with campus and local community partners to promote safe, responsible student conduct and to provide education surrounding the honor, integrity, and ethical decision-making expected of all Carolina community members. 

As a condition of joining the Carolina community, Carolina students pledge “not to lie, cheat, or steal” and to hold themselves, as members of the Carolina community, to a high standard of academic and non-academic conduct while both on and off Carolina’s campus. This commitment to academic integrity, ethical behavior, personal responsibility and civil discourse exemplifies the “Carolina Way”, and this commitment is codified in both the University's Honor Code and in other University student conduct-related policies.