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Appeals & Appeal Submission

Students and student organizations whose cases have been resolved through the Alcohol Policy process may be eligible to appeal their case outcome, depending on the hearing type in which they participated. Student Conduct recognizes three grounds for appeal of an Alcohol Policy Violation:

  • Procedural Rights: A violation of procedural rights afforded in the Procedures for Adjudication & Response to Student & Student Organization Violations, Section II (material deviation from established procedures that would substantially affect the outcome)
  • Newly Discovered Information: Newly discovered information has been obtained that was not previously available during the initial investigation or the administrative hearing process through the exercise of due diligence, and this newly discovered information would substantially affect the outcome

If a student or student organization feels that their case has been impacted by any of the aforementioned grounds, they may submit an appeal petition no later than five (5) business days after receiving the resolution letter. Appeal petitions are reviewed and granted on a case by case basis by the Judicial Programs Officer. Students submitting appeals should provide as much context and detail as possible related to the grounds for their appeal.

Submit an Appeal Petition

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