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Sanctions & Sanction Submission

If a student or student organization are found responsible for violating the Alcohol Policy, the Hearing Officer will determine the most appropriate sanction(s) to assure that students are able to learn and grow from their experiences. Sanctions are determined on a case by case basis, but follow general guidelines written into the Alcohol Policy under Section V.

There are three categories of sanctions that may be assigned

  • Educational Interventions are assigned to educate Students as to why their actions were inappropriate, to help Students improve their responsible decision-making, and to help them grow from the incident.
  • Disciplinary Sanctions are assigned to hold Students accountable for conduct that violates the Alcohol Policy. Disciplinary sanctions ranging from warning to expulsion are reflected in a student’s Disciplinary Record maintained by the University.
  • Other Requirements are assigned to remedy the effects of the misconduct and prevent similar conduct from occurring in the future.

Once students have completed and submitted all of their required sanctions, their case will be officially resolved.

Submit a Completed Sanction or Sanction Documentation

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