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Honor Court

The Undergraduate Honor Court is comprised of Undergraduate students from all backgrounds and majors.  Court members represent the values and diversity that makes Carolina special. The Court is charged with reviewing allegations of misconduct to determine if the Honor Code was violated.  If the Court determines a violation has occurred, it will impose a disciplinary sanction consistent with community values and University guidelines.  The Undergraduate Honor Court is currently recruiting new members. For more information on the Honor Court, please review the information below.

The following positions exist as part of the Honor Court:

Court Chair

As outlined in the Instrument, the Chair is responsible for the following:

  • Recruiting, nominating, training, certifying and overseeing Honor Court members
  • Managing the day-to-day Honor Court administrative tasks
  • Contributing to cooperative efforts to strengthen the campus Honor System.

The Chair also meets on a regular basis with his/her Vice-Chairs and Honor Court members to discuss current issues facing the Honor Court and to ensure that members are fully prepared to handle each case appropriately.

Each year, the Chair is chosen by the graduating Chair and Vice-Chairs from among the Honor Court members. Upon approval by the Undergraduate Student Body President and Student Congress, the Chair serves a 12-month term. To be eligible, the Chair must have two semesters of experience on the Honor Court.


Honor Court Vice-Chairs are primarily responsible for chairing and overseeing individual Honor Court cases. The Vice-Chairs maintain order within the hearing, guide deliberations among Honor Court members, and construct a rationale detailing the Honor Court's reasoning for its judgment and sanction(s), when appropriate. Vice-Chairs also meet regularly with the Chair and spearhead projects to improve the functionality of the Honor Court and to better educate students of the Honor Code and paths to success as a UNC student.

Once a year, new Vice-Chairs are elected by their fellow Honor Court members. Eligible Honor Court members must have at least one semester of experience before applying. Vice-Chairs are elected for the remainder of their undergraduate career.

Honor Court Members

Honor Court members are responsible for hearing possible violations of the Honor Code and deliberating upon judgments and sanctions, if necessary. Membership includes a diverse group of students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Honor Court members also meet regularly with the Chair, Vice-Chairs, Attorney General's Staff, and Outreach to ensure cooperation within the Honor System and to develop ways to promote the Honor Code throughout the campus community.

New Honor Court members are selected by a nominating committee after submitting an application and undergoing an interview process. Upon approval by the Undergraduate Student Body President, new members are brought before Student Congress for final approval. Honor Court members may retain their position until graduation.