An accused student who has been found guilty by the Honor Court or by a University Hearings Board with original authority, as well as an accused student who has a judgment and sanctions determined by and Expedited Hearing Panel may file a petition for appeal, so long as the student files their appeal no later than five business days (weekends and University Holidays excepted) from delivery to the accused student of the written summary of the judgment and sanctions imposed. For instructions on submitting a timely appeal, please click here. For more information regarding appeals, see our Student Guide on PDF iconAppeals.

The Judicial Programs Officer reviews  each appeal to determine if the petition states a permissible ground for appeal and established a sufficient factual basis for the stated ground of appeal.  Students whose petitions for appeal are denied  by the Judicial Programs Officer may request that decision be reviewed by a three person Appellate Review Board. The determination of the Appellate Review Board is final.

Student appeals approved by the Judicial Programs Officer or, alternatively, by the Appellate Review Board, are heard by a University Hearings Board.

The University Hearings Board hears appeals in cases originally considered by the Undergraduate Court (including an expedited hearing panel), Summer School Honor Court, or the Graduate and Professional Honor Court. The University Hearings Board shall also have appellate jurisdiction over cases within its authority to hear original matters as specified in Section C.4. of Appendix C, provided that no individual who has served on the original hearing panel shall serve as part of the appellate panel. University Hearings Boards consist of  two faculty members selected from among those serving on the Faculty Hearings Boards Panel, one designee of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and two students designated by the Chair of the appropriate student court having original authority who have not been involved in prior proceedings in the case. 

If a student wishes to appeal the determination of the University Hearings Board, he or she may appeal to the Chancellor, but only on the grounds of  violation of basic rights or in cases where a sanction of permanent suspension or expulsion is levied.