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Honor System

Honor at Carolina

For more than 130 years, Carolina students have pledged not to lie, cheat, or steal. Students enjoy a great deal of freedom at Carolina and have been entrusted to hold each other accountable for maintaining a just and safe community.  As such, students adjudicate and when necessary, administer discipline sanctions to students found responsible for violating the Honor Code.

About the Honor Code

The Honor Code is the heart of integrity at Carolina. In brief, the Honor Code says that all students shall "refrain from lying, cheating, or stealing," but the Honor Code means much more.

The Honor Code can be found in the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance ("Instrument"). The Instrument is the University's official document outlining the standards of behavior and methods of resolving allegations of misconduct by students. The list of prohibited conduct and the possible sanctions are outlined in the the Instrument.