The Office of Student Conduct oversees two main University policies surrounding Student Conduct.

University Honor Code

The University Honor Code regulates academic integrity and student behavior both on and off campus. The Honor Code is housed in the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance, which also outlines the adjudication procedures for addressing Honor Code violations and lists possible sanctions. 

University Alcohol Policy

The University Alcohol Policy regulates student behavior and campus guidelines related to alcohol. The Alcohol Policy also outlines the procedures for adjudication and lists possible sanctions.


Allegations of protected class discrimination, including sexual violence and harassment, are not addressed through the Honor System but instead addressed with the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office.

Any student, whether they are a undergraduate or a graduate/professional student, with concerns about discrimination on the basis of membership any protected class, including sexual violence and harassment, is encouraged to contact contact EW Quimbaya-Winship, Deputy Title IX/ Report and Response Coordinator at eqw@email.unc.edu.

If you are concerned with policies or behavior that are not related to the Honor Code or the University Alcohol Policy, please see the Related Links below.