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Protected Class Discrimination, Including Sexual Violence and Harassment

On April 4, 2011, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights issued a “Dear Colleague” Letter (DCL) addressing issues of sexual violence and misconduct on college campuses. The DCL gave colleges and universities guidance on how they should address these issues on their campuses. In response to the DCL, UNC-CH revised its Title IX policy, and implemented a number of preventative programs designed to eliminate sexual violence, sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct. The University also adopted a number of policies and procedures for responding to Title IX complaints, including those encompassing sexual violence and harassment.  Additionally, the University created additional information and resources for students, faculty and staff who either may have been or know of someone who has been impacted by sexual harassment or violence.

As a result of these changes, allegations of protected class discrimination, including sexual violence and harassment, are not addressed through the Honor System. 

For a list of campus resources, please visit The Equal Opportunity/ADA Office online at .

Any student, whether they are a undergraduate or a graduate/professional student,  with concerns about discrimination on the basis of membership any protected class, including sexual violence and harassment, is encouraged to contact contact EW Quimbaya-Winship, Deputy Title IX/ Student Complaint Coordinator at