For Students

For Students

It is the responsibility of the Honor System to ensure that students are aware of their Honor Code and abide by the standards it sets for every student at the University. The Honor System is a cornerstone of our University. The members of the Honor System are committed to maintaining an academic and social atmosphere that promotes the development of all students.  This commitment involves not just developing academic skills and a body of knowledge, but also promoting decision-making abilities and life skills. The Honor Code provides each student with the right to the responsible exercise of freedom, and the Honor System is here to guarantee that the exercise of one student’s rights do not infringe on another’s rights.

At Carolina, students have enjoyed a longstanding tradition of student self-governance. For over 130 years, students have been helping to form the standards by which we live in the Carolina community, and that is why students are entrusted today to maintain those standards by serving as the counsels and the court members in Honor Court hearings. It is uncommon that students are given the responsibility of administering cases that arise under the Honor Code. UNC Chapel Hill is one of few campuses in the country that allows students to lead their honor system. It is indeed difficult for students to face their peers in an Honor Court hearing, but the reward of this system is that the court members and counsels are all fellow students who can identify with the situations that come before the Honor Court, whether they pertain to academic dishonesty or other misconduct.

The excitement that was generated by Honor and Integrity week this past academic year continues. More so than ever, the Honor System is committed to maintaining its active role in the public eye, as we organize Honor and Integrity Week for the fall, launch a campaign to educate the student body on the Honor Code, host teaching sessions to heighten the campus' awareness of the importance of Honor, and continue to adjudicate Honor Court hearings in an effective, fair, and efficient manner.

We hope that everyone on campus will take part in at least one activity related to Honor and Integrity during the upcoming year. As students at one of the finest institutions for higher learning in the nation, we have a duty to uphold the principles of honor and integrity, thereby also upholding the value of our educations.

If you would like to get involved with the Honor System, please feel free to come by our office at any time or send us an email at


The Honor System Staff