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Honor System Structure

The Honor System consists of three branches: the Attorney General's Staff, the Honor Court, and Honor System Outreach. The Office of the Attorney General receives reports of suspected violations and makes a charge decision. It is the responsibility of the Attorney General's staff to work with the accused student and reporting party to gather and prepare all relevant material for the case.

During the Honor Court hearing, members of the Attorney General's staff act as either defense or investigative counsels representing the accused student or the University community, respectively. The Attorney General's staff, accused student, and reporting party present their evidence and testimony to the Honor Court members Honor Court members are responsible for hearing alleged violations of the Honor Code.

During these cases, Honor Court members deliberate on a judgment of guilty vs. not guilty and appropriate sanctions, if necessary. Honor System Outreach is responsible for promoting the ideals of honor and integrity throughout the University community. Members of Outreach work to educate professors and students about their rights and responsibilities as outlined under the Instrument.