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Honor System Procedures

Any person who suspects a student may have violated the Honor Code may report the suspected violation to the Office of Student Conduct, which will forward the report to the appropriate Student Attorney General for review.

The reporting procedure is different for reporting students and reporting faculty members.

Faculty who suspect academic or non-academic misconduct  must file a report and may inform the student of their intention to file a report. Additionally, the faculty may elect to meet with the student prior to filing the report to provide the student the opportunity to give additional perspective on the matter, assuming the student agrees to meet and has been advised of his or her rights, including the right to not make any statements which would be self-incriminating.

Students should report  suspected Honor Code of any kind directly to Office of Student Conduct either in person at SASB North, Suite 1125, by email to, or by phone at 919.962.0805.

Each case is reviewed and adjudicated individually,  but most cases follow a four-part process: the Investigation, the Hearing, the Post Hearing, and the Appeal Option.

For an overview of case and hearing procedures, see our Student Guide on PDF iconOperational Procedures. Fore more information on available hearing types and panel compositions, see our Student Guide on Hearing Types and Panels.