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Honor System Procedures

Suspected Violation
If a member of the University community suspects a violation of the Honor Code has occurred, he or she is encouraged to speak with the student to provide the opportunity for the student to explain the behavior. If the student does not provide a satisfactory explanation for his or her conduct, the witness to the conduct should report the matter to the Honor System Office or the Office of Student Conduct.

How the Honor System Receives Reports
The reporting procedure is different for students and faculty members. Faculty who suspect an academic violation must file a report and may inform the student of their intention to file a report. If the instructor and the student both agree to meet, they engage in an informal meeting wherein the instructor may share his concerns and the student will have the opportunity to provide additional information. Students accused of an academic violation may engage in this informal process if they so choose, after having reviewed their basic rights under the Honor Code. In order to ensure that students receive fair and equal treatment and sanctions are consistently applied, the faculty has agreed that instructors may not sanction students for Honor Code violations outside of the established process. If the parties meet, the instructor may determine: 1) the student admitted the violation and the instructor would like to recommend a sanction; 2) the instructor does not have enough information and recommends a more thorough investigation; or 3) the instructor recommends that the Student Attorney General not charge the student.

Students should report violations directly to Office of the Honor System either in person at SASB North, Suite 0103, by email to, or by phone at 919.966.4084.